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Ferrari Land + Port Aventura

From: €65,00

Discover the six worlds of one of the most emblematic theme parks in Europe. An ideal destination for a family getaway.

Inspired by the most charming areas of the...


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Product Description

Included tickets to Ferrari Land + Por Aventura

PortAventura Resort is the perfect destination to spend a fantastic family holiday, with your partner or your friends, while enjoying the best leisure offer in southern Europe; and all in an environment with a perfect climate where you will have a great time in a theme park and a leading water park in Europe while enjoying the sun, the beach and the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine.

Our facilities enjoy a privileged location, near Barcelona, ​​Tarragona and the municipalities of Vila-seca, Salou and Cambrils. At PortAventura Resort you can enjoy a theme park, a water park and fabulous hotels.

Discover the six worlds of one of the most emblematic theme parks in Europe. An ideal destination for a family getaway.

Inspired by the most charming areas of the Mediterranean this fabulous fishing village will welcome you to the park. Here you will find dizzying attractions and the quietest areas to relax and enjoy with your family.

The Mediterrània area is themed with original materials that reproduce representative buildings of the
Mediterranean villages. The professionals and artisans who participated in its design and creation pursued the
maximum likelihood in each detail and the visitor can appreciate it by going through the different areas of the first
Thematic area that you will find when you arrive at the park.
Mediterrània hosts one of the fastest attractions in the park, Furius Baco, a roller coaster where, in just three seconds, the body undergoes an acceleration from 0 km / h to 135 km / h. It is also the starting point for those who prefer to visit the park in a more relaxed way traveling on the boats that sail from Port de la Drassana or on the old train that leaves from Estació del Nord.

Far West
Welcome to Penitence, cowboy! In this west town of PortAventura World is always July 4, a holiday in the purest American style. Exhilarating attractions await you like Stampida, a race between two furious herds of buffalo, authentic American food at the rhythm of country, unforgettable memories and the best shows.

In the Far West visitors can tour the streets of Penitence, an authentic city of the old west
American in the middle of the mining maelstrom, as well as the mining district of the “C.C. Sampling & Ore Company “, which explores and
exploits the waters of the Colorado River looking for gold nuggets. You can also go into buildings
of wood that lodge all type of games of skill and of chance while the smallest ones play in the carousel, or make tests of aim in the “Shooting Gallery” of the brothers Freund.
The main attraction of the Far West is the Stampida roller coaster, as well as the Silver River Flume, where the visitor can go down by the currents of the river raised in a trunk, one of the most visited attractions of PortAventura.
In the Far West it is possible to enjoy a show of authentic Can Can or taste a genuine American food in the four themed restaurants.

Discover the Polynesia of PortAventura World, the thematic area that will take you to the authentic tropical jungle. Do not miss the abundant native vegetation and enjoy the funniest attractions and the most impressive shows.

In Polynesia the realism reaches all the details, even the strange sculptures that the visitor can find on the way are divinities (the Tikis) brought from the Fiji and Tonga Islands. All the way is surrounded by torrents that slide down volcanic rocks, making the visitor feel like in an authentic tropical paradise with fun attractions and diverse shows.
The main attractions of Polynesia are Tutuki Splash, wagons that go down vertiginously from the summit of
a volcano to the lake, and the Kontiki boat, which runs through the Polynesian islands in an enraged sea.
In addition, this area has the Mers du Sud store, which offers imported souvenirs from authentic Polynesia and the
Surf Paradise establishment, where it is possible to acquire the most current clothes of the surf brand Quicksilver.

The PortAventura China area is a trip back in time to ancient colonial China. It is divided into the area of ​​Mongolia and the Imperial zone. In the latter you can face the most famous dragon in the park. Visit the shops, delight in its exquisite restaurants, enjoy the shows and have fun as never before in its attractions! Are you ready to meet Dragon Khan?

In China, the visitor enters the agricultural city of Ximpang, in whose upper part the Emperor has established his summer residence: a recreation of the “Forbidden City” in Beijing. There you can also find a reproduction (both in materials and size) of the Great Wall.
In 2014, PortAventura inaugurated Angkor, a new attraction inspired by the great Angkor Temple, considered the largest religious structure ever built. This boat ride holds the record of being the longest circuit in Europe.
The attractions of China are the most striking of the park. In addition to the emblematic Shambhala, the roller coaster that breaks 3 European records (the highest attraction with 76m, the longest drop with 78m and the fastest hypercoaster with 134km / h) visitors can enjoy the famous Dragon Khan, one of the most emblematic and iconic attractions of PortAventura that acts as hostess of the Imperial zone. For the most daring, this roller coaster has 8 loops to reach zero gravity through the “corkscrew” effect and a vertiginous fall from 45 meters high, at a speed that reaches 100 km / h.

Come and discover the thematic area of ​​Mexico in PortAventura and travel to colonial Mexico. A spectacular Mayan pyramid will welcome you, its rituals will surprise you, its rich gastronomy will thrill you and attractions like Hurakan Condor will end up conquering you.

This area proposes a meeting with the ancient Mayan culture after the arrival of the Spaniards in America. Here the visitor will find the great Mayan Pyramid and a reconstruction of Chichén Itzá that houses many surprises inside, such as the tomb of the “Gran Pacal”.
The main attraction of Mexico is the Hurakan Condor, which emulates the tree structure of “los voladores”, and which offers a free fall from 86 meters to 100 km / h of 3 seconds in duration. In this area the Feathered Serpent and the roller coaster El DiabloTren de la Mina also invite to fun. In the Temple of Fire, the bravest can participate in the exciting search for a treasure and accompany the most intrepid adventurer of PortAventura in a show full of fire and surprises.

Come and discover SésamoAventura, the area for the little ones of PortAventura World and meet its fascinating inhabitants: Epi, Blas and the whole world of Sesame Street are waiting for you! In this amazing place everything is set in the Sesame world, from its fun attractions for the whole family to the magical restaurants and shops. You can not lose this!

The most popular characters of Sesame Street await visitors at SésamoAventura, the most familiar area of ​​PortAventura where children are the main protagonists. And the 11 attractions in this area have been designed and designed for children from one year.
The element that attracts the most attention is the huge tree that presides over the area and that welcomes the visitor: the Magic Tree. Its branches are illuminated at night and the terrace that houses its trunk allows perfect views of all SésamoAventura.


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